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Suitable applications for our temporary structures

For more than fifty years our temporary and semi-permanent structures have been used for a diverse range of organisations and applications worldwide.

It’s our expertise, experience and capabilities in design and manufacturing that creates the versatility of our structures and broad, far-reaching customer base.

With over 100’s of different temporary structure systems now available direct from our factory we are almost certainly going to be able to provide a structure to meet your needs.  

Read more below about the many applications our temporary structures are suitable for.


eventsEvent Structures were how we began over half a century ago and they’re still at the heart of our product range, albeit a significantly modernised version of our first wooden frame tents!

From the smallest to the largest, most basic to most elaborate and standard or customised, we can literally do just about anything to meet your requirements, lead time and budget.

We can also provide temporary structure systems that are 100% compatible with other major structures.  This means you are not locked into your chosen supplier and can have greater choice in terms of quality, price and availability. 

Hotels & Venues

hotelsIf you’re fed up with having to turn down large weddings or hospitality and are looking to grow this aspect of your business then a temporary event structure could be the solution.  

Our semi-permanent event structures can be custom-built and located just about anywhere on your premises; the most scenic setting for a romantic wedding marquee or maybe linked to an existing building for a seamless hospitality overflow area.


airportOur structures have been used extensively for a diverse range of applications at airports worldwide.  These include airport terminals with all equipment, fittings and furniture, hangers and garages, logistics centres and storage buildings. 

As with all our product ranges, temporary structures used for airport applications can be either standard or custom-design.  All structures are designed and manufactured exclusively by HTS HӦCKER in our German manufacturing headquarters.


militaryMilitary and humanitarian shelter is a specialist division of HTS HӦCKER.   Our Rapid Deployable Shelter systems include maintenance shelters, accommodation shelters, multi-purpose shelters and emergency relief shelters.    They are designed to accommodate personnel, equipment, operations and aircraft.

Decades of continual refinement, testing and upgrading has ensured the structures we supply today are suitable for some of the world’s harshest and extreme environments.


sportCovering your swimming pool, riding arena or outdoor sports facility with an HTS HӦCKER sports structure could keep your business operational and busy 12 months of the year instead of 6.  

Sport temporary structures and roof covers can be designed to accommodate site specific measurements  and can be easily demounted, modified, extended or relocated.

Business & industrial

industrialSeasonal growth, organic growth or refurbishments can all call for additional on-site space.   Temporary structures can provide this quickly, economically and with complete flexibility; you decide how long you keep the structure by choosing to hire or buy.  

Warehousing, logistics, production, retail, training and showrooms are all activities that can be carried out on a permanent or temporary basis in an industrial temporary structure.

If the application you need isn’t listed above we can almost certainly still help you.  Call us today on 0870 242 6056 to find out how.     Or click here to read more about our product ranges.


The RÖDER HTS HÖCKER factory in Kefenrod, Germany.